Equity Investing

If you are looking for the Better returns and more returns than 10 - 12% then Indian Equity is the solution. 

World Wide Investment into Equity Markets are to be considered as risky instrument, which is associated with a great returns. In India Equity Markets are giving smart & high returns right from the beginning. 

Sensex Started in year 1979 with Index 100 and 15644.44 in 31/03/2008 which includes all the bulls & bear sessions throught out the year.
Can any one imagine, what returns does Sensex have delivered?
If we consider the closing figure of Sensex as on 31/03 for every year from 1979 till 2008, and with investment period from 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 Years.
So What can be the Rolling Growth for Sensex in every year and what are the chances of Loosing money comparing with earning?

Investmnet for Years

Chances of  Lossing / Earning Ratio

Average Rolling Growth p.a

01 Year

10 / 27

29.61 %

03 Year

05 / 25

22.10 %

05 Year

03 / 23

20.41 %

07 Year

03 / 21

19.30 %

10 Year

01 / 18

19.48 %

15 Year

00 / 15

17.52 %

So from the beginning Indian Market has shown the potential of Growth comparing to any other markets and it has also prove that more you have horizon of long term there will be less chances of loosing money and if any one has invested for 15 years then there would have no chance of loosing money with a average return of 17.52% pa.

Where there is risk there will be returns and so we think long term growth short of India shall be intact and India is the place and India will be the place for earning the highest returns on the markets, which be better returns from any of the FD's.